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Recommended General Safety measures and Parental Safety Controls Chat IB™ users must be at least 18 years of age to use our site and is not to be used by users under 18 years of age for any reason whatsoever. There are programs that can guess your password by trial and error (i.e. Random numbers & letters are the best way to keep your passwords secure. Be cautious of people sending you private messages you asking you to click a link, may ask you for money, or trying to get your personal information.Here are a few safety tips that will help to prevent someone from compromising your profile. If your profile has been compromised or you know of someone who is spreading bad links, please contact us ASAP.Always alert your parents before making decisions about meeting people from the internet and be sure they come with you and that it is in a public setting.Don't let yourself be lured by senseless promises such as a model agent wanting to make you a model or promises of money, gifts, and the like as a reward for photos or a meeting.It is ultimately the responsibility of parents to make sure their kids do not have access to these types of websites which are un suitable for users under age .Please use one of the parental control products below to block adult websites and help keep your kids safe.

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Few questions- 1) Are you going to make a cameo at the BP Milwaukee event? I can see him struggling against better competition. Especially with this velocity bump, the fastball is even more of a weapon now to go along with his above average potential secondaries.

Nats GM (THE Nats GM Studios): CJ, great job on the reports lately, you and the BP team (besides Craig) have been crushing it. Craig will be out at games shortly and the Milwaukee event? I will have reports in on Pivetta and Difo tonight so I think you will see that soon. My impression is he's getting by on strength and polish but may not have the bat speed to survive at higher levels. CJ Wittmann: I think you are correct about him and I wonder how he will fair against better competition. CJ Wittmann: I see Reyes as a #2 starting pitcher at the highest level.

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